Vagabrothers: Biggest, Baddest Bucketlist Winners on the Move.

Some of you out there in travel-blog-adventure-land may have heard about a little thing called My’s “Biggest, Baddest Bucketlist.” Well, if you haven’t let me fill you in.

My good friends the Vagabrothers have returned home from a proper globe trot with the London based travel company. In that time they have spent 6 months on the road, been to 26 countries and have had countless wild adventures. Have you tasted camel milk in a yurt in Central Asia? I know I haven’t (and don’t really want to after seeing the boys’ video from Kazakhstan). From the nomadic hills of the Steppe to Cape Town, their videos really convey a deep sense of culture and of place, taking the viewer from YouTube to wherever they may be.

20130406-213120.jpgWith Vagabrother Alex last spring on the Camino de Santiago in the Basque Country.

Look no further for an inspiring and thoughtful online travel show. What comes next from the Vagabrothers will surely impress, so subscribe and drop them a message.

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