Free! DIY Kindle Paperwhite Case for backpacking/dirtbagging

It took me a little while to come around to the notion of bringing electronics into the backcountry. It’s almost a Pandora’s box phenomenon. Once you start with one, then comes the next one, the one after that and before you know it you have a dedicated electronics cable stuff sack. It’s sad, but true; we live in the day and age where these devices even follow us into the backcountry. But some of them lend themselves to efficiency and enjoyment. Take the Kindle Paperwhite for example. You can bring tons of books, it has a long battery life and a neutral, aesthetic screen. As a result, with over three months in the field approaching this summer and a need to carry books and paperwork into the field, I decided it was time to invest in a Kindle. The next step was building a case.

There is surprisingly little information on how to build effective lightweight, durable cases for Kindles on the cheap. Pinterest is ripe with plush leather stitched, boutiquey fancy pants ones. Nowhere did I find a simple, How-To Do It Yourself guide. It was only when I was tipped off by a friend who is also in outdoor education that a flat rate envelope does the trick. Here is a simple case in 6 easy steps.

1. Get a flat rate envelope. I found one for free at a local mail center. When I told the guy what I was doing, he was stoked to help out and gave it to me for free.  If you have duct tape and cardboard, this case is DIY case is free! Measure your flat rate envelope to fit your kindle with about a half inch of wiggle room to the side and an extra inch on top.

2. Double check your measurements. As they say, measure twice, cut once.


3. Reinforce with duct tape. Apply an even piece of duct tape on all sides except the top to create your pocket and and reinforce the existing seams.

4. Measure a piece of cardboard. This will serve as the screen protector and fits inside of the case.

5. Tuck in your Kindle. It should fit snug at first. This is good.

6. Roll the top down, place in bag for waterproofing.

Bam! There is your free, waterproof and durable backpacking Kindle case. Happy adventures!


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