Backcountry Gourmet: What will you make? Some tips and pointers.

Throughout my backcountry and wilderness trips, I’ve been hard pressed to come across a counterpart who isn’t a foodie. We like to adventure, play hard and eat well. Budgeting and selecting foods that you can feasibly backpack with lightly, shove in a kayak or strap on a bike isn’t a chore, it’s exciting and adds an extra element to that kind of travel. When exercising at a high octane level (even though a lot of times it doesn’t seem like exercise) you need high calorie foods that are nutritionally balanced and delicious. Food makes us happy, and sometimes after a long, hard fought slog through the rain or snow demands a tasty pick me up.

A few photographs from gourmet backcountry meals…

Think with your stomach.

Making Pizza Dough Kaikoura, New Zealand

Be creative.

Boulder based Japango Sushi chef Decker Jory carves a special birthday present from an orange.

If you can, implement local ingredients.

Pad Thai Peanut noodles and Wild Trout with Wild High Sierra Onions. Kings Canyon National Park.

Simply nuts n’ berries. Olympics, Washington

Save your leftovers in a sealable bowl.

Fajita Fueseli . Rainier National Park, Washington

And always, have fun out there.

For more information on backcountry recipes and nutrition, consult the NOLS cookery.

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  1. Pizza while camping?? I need to try it! I’m an outdoors guide for my university, and my favorite thing is to wrap ground beef, potatoes, and vegetables in foil and then throw it on the fire. It’s like a fucking delicious stew, except better. When you’re hiking/camping everything tastes like the best thing you’ve ever eaten!!

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