Ramblings of May.

Needless to say, it’s been a good May. Three weeks, nine states, three torrential hail storms, a Montanan buffalo burger filled with bacon and goat cheese called a “Juicy Lucy,” one unnecessary “Impeach Obama” sign, lots of Ron Paul signs, five national parks and a whole lot of gas, beers, hikes, bikes and coffee and we’ve made it to Washington, my home for the summer.

Our route took us through some of the most prime well-known and lesser-known chunks of the country. Cruising with my friend Jesse from Hawaii (aka Rudeboy), we made about 2,600 miles of tracks across the amalgamation of environments that some old guys with pony tails patched together and called America.

The Parks:

  1. Zion NP, Utah
  2. Canyonlands NP, Utah
  3. Grand Teton NP, Wyoming
  4. Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
  5. Glacier NP, Montana

Check out the map from our trip, a pretty solid carrot size chunk. I’ll quit talking now and show some pictures.

The Places in Between. Granted seeing bison and bears was epic, like the book by British MP Rory Stewart, some of the best spots were those on the way of minimal fame.

If you’re willing to brave some minor cold and a bit of weather, May is the time to see these places. Crowds are minor and camping is open-if you squeak in before Memorial Day.

Beautiful Bozeman, Montana

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  1. Get me a Juicy Lucy on the double!!

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