The Tuolomne Special Sierra Sandwich

This thing means business. After 15 miles of mach speed hiking, ascending, descending then reascending a collective 4,500 feet and getting rained and hailed on in the High Sierra, these puppies are just what the doctor ordered. This quick and easy sandwich, the Tuolomne Special Sierra Sandwich or TS3 is rich in protein and high in fat-just what we need when we’re shredding calories and sleeping in the cold. Here is how it’s done:

Ingredients: French baguette, goat cheese, zucchini (courgettes if you’re Kiwi, Aussie, or English-er, better yet a Commonwealth citizen), polenta, applewood smoked bacon, avocado (duh), Tapatio hot sauce, black pepper, cilantro. 

Pointer #1: Simmering is pretty difficult on most backpacking stoves, and accordingly, things cook faster (and louder) than anticipated. This means preparation is key and having things sorted will prevent you from burning your precious/sacred backcountry deliciousness and enable you to eat a mult-step meal all at the same time. 


1. Fire up your stove, cook bacon.

2. Put bacon aside, cook polenta in bacon fat. Mmmm, calories :p

3. Slice veggies. Cook zucchini if you have the patience.

4. Spread goat cheese, apply bacon, polenta and veggies.

5. Dash with black pepper and Tapatio.

6. Munch!

7. Tea Time and R and R

The Tuolomne Sandwich

Pointer #2: Remember, there’s no need to strictly eat crappy dried foods in the backcountry to cut weight. Eating well means living well and that also makes for happy campers and more savage adventurers. Bring fresh vegetables like zucchini and bell peppers, always eating the heavier ones first. Stay hungry friends, and keep charging.

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