Media Kit

PollywogPaul: Encounters With the World is an adventure travel blog that seeks to provide readers with an evocative interaction with places they may or may not have yet been. Through mixed transportation from foot to kayak from Alaska to the Himalaya, PollywogPaul situates wild landscapes, urban areas and the people that live their as equally important for shaping places.


-Photography-Personal Accounts-Mini Guides-Short Films-Well Researched Op-Ed-


My readers seem to by and large be outdoor enthusiasts with interests in:

-Adventure Travel-Mountaineering-Photography-Travel Writing-Backpacking-Mini Guides and Trip Descriptions-


My site hits a dynamic audience within the outdoor community and people are always curious about gear. As a result, PollywogPaul is a great venue for outdoor and travel companies to advertise products or trips.

Free Lance:

Feel free to contact me ( for any queries about projects.

Gear Testing, Review and Sponsorship:

I’m always going to the most demanding climates on earth from the deserts in Utah to the heart of Alaska and the Himalaya, and am open to any gear testing, review or sponsorship.


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