Getting started

I hate to be so by the book and explanatory, but I’ll briefly let you (the reader, who is hopefully not already bored) know the format of the PollyWogPaulPress.

Adventure/Travel will take you to pieces about my various ramblings. These will largely be uncategorized, so look for ‘categories’ on my main page. When I go to India and Nepal I will make a separate page for that trip.

At Squawks, you will find my op-ed and creative writing pieces.

Last but not least, The Nitty Gritty: Current Affairs From Around the World contains updates on contemporary issues related to human rights, and politics international affairs. I draw most of these from work I already to at the University of San Diego’s Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. Unfortunately, these will likely drop off when I go abroad, though I’ll try to keep the updates coming.

Cheers and thanks for reading,


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  1. Brother Andy ! I am writing you from Kopan Gomba…I can’t find your email address anywhere…where in the world is Andy Paul ?? Miss you here, send me an email, love to keep in touch xx love and light from Nepal 🙂

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