Getting things started

I hate to be so by the book and explanatory, but I’ll briefly let you (the reader, who is hopefully not already bored) know the format of the PollyWogPaulPress.

Adventure/Travel will take you to pieces about my various ramblings. These will largely be uncategorized, so look for ‘categories’ on my main page. When I go to India and Nepal I will make a separate page for that trip.

At Squawks, you will find my op-ed and creative writing pieces.

Last but not least, The Nitty Gritty: Current Affairs From Around the World contains updates on contemporary issues related to human rights, and politics international affairs. I draw most of these from work I already to at the University of San Diego’s Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. Unfortunately, these will likely drop off when I go abroad, though I’ll try to keep the updates coming.

Cheers and thanks for reading,


Categories: Human Rights

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